09 January, 2019

Rare Ferrari in Auction

The very first Ferrari 275 GTB is heading to auction. This car has some history because it acted as a test bed for the entire series.

What's incredible about the Ferrari is the fact it's been locked up for the best part of 25 years!

A similar tragedy happened to a Mercedes 300 SL. You can read more about it here: Mercedes 300 SL Roadster Sells for $3.7m.

Despite the fact it was incognito for a quarter of a century, it's expected to sell for $8m! What's so special about this car then?

Ferrari 275 GTB Racing History

Initially, this car was for road-use but it was decided that the car would feature in the Monte Carlo Rally, one of the most challenging races in the world

Testing the driver, car and co-driver to their limits, it sees the car traverse through a variety of conditions involving rain, snow and wind. 

The Ferrari entered the 1966 edition and it was quite special. Why? The top four runners were disqualified for using the wrong headlights. In total, 10 participants were excluded!

The 275 GTB broke down during the race and was not a part of the post-race controversy.

The main reason why it competed was for technical research. Ferrari focused on the engine, axles and suspension.

Ferrari 275 GTB Performance

Sporting a 3.3L V12 engine, the car was able to produce 280hp (claimed) and a top speed of 160mph.

What made the 275 so significant for Ferrari was the climate at the time.

Shelby and Porsche were posing a massive threat and Ferrari needed to respond. The 250 series is well documented by Ferrari needed to evolve and come up with a no compromising response.

Innovations such as independent rear suspension and a transaxle, it paved the way for a well-received series that maintained Ferrari's competitiveness.

Ferrari 275 GTB Provenance

The 275 has spent most of its being in Europe but ended up in America in the '70s. 

It made an appearance at the 1993 Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach, Florida. After that, it was locked away and hidden from the world.

One advantage from its time away was how much was preserved! A rally kit, engine stamps, dealership stickers and even chalk from when they performed various tests.

This Ferrari is scheduled to hit the auction block between the 18th and 19th January 2019 where it's estimated to sell for $8m.

Rare Ferrari 275 GTB in Auction
Rare Ferrari 275 GTB in Auction
Rare Ferrari 275 GTB in Auction
Rare Ferrari 275 GTB in Auction
Rare Ferrari 275 GTB in Auction
Rare Ferrari 275 GTB in Auction