18 April, 2018

Michael Schumacher's F1 Car Races to Record Price at Auction

Formula 1. The racing series with cars powerful enough to drive upside down. What more can be said? They are phenomenal machines but only driven by a few. They are dreams to drive.

These dreams turned into mass excitement when it was announced that Michael Schumacher's F1 car was consigned to auction. It was handed a $4m pre-sale estimate but this isn't your average F1 car, it won two championships!

As you'd expect, the auction was an almighty battle! The scene was the Contemporary Art Evening held by Sotheby's. After a 6-minute bidding war fought between 8 people, the fighting stopped at $7.5m!

Known as the F2001, it has a ferocious 900hp and 3-litre V10 engine. This came together to power Schumi to his 4th World Championship crown and 9 wins in that 2001 season. Schumi didn't stop there as he went onto to win seven driver crowns and amass 91 victories!

Michael Schumacher - The Man, the legend

Schumacher's motorsport journey started when his father fitted a motor to his pedal kart. Instead of cruising around in a delicate grace, he crashed into a lamppost!

His big break came in 1991 when he started the Belgian GP with Jordan. What's remarkable is that he won that same race a year later with Benetton! Imagine that?

Possessing a natural talent for racing only surpassed by his determination to improve, he was able to set himself apart from the other drivers and stay at the top for most of his career.

Schumacher's dominance of the sport came to a halt in 2005 when the emerging Fernando Alonso won the championship with Renault.

Final Words

The winning bidder will be buying a piece of F1 history and it still works! But, only at Ferrari-approved circuits. 

If you want to do more than see it in a climate controlled environment, Ferrari can transport it to their track events where customers can race their track-only cars.

You'll even be supported by a team of engineers!

The best part of the auction is the fact that a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Michael Schumacher's Keep Fighting Foundation after the Former F1 driver was involved in a skiing incident.

When it comes to F1 legends, Schumacher shares a grid with Fangio, Prost, Senna, Moss, Stewart, Hill, Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Lauda and Hunt to name a few!

I don't even know who would win that race or where. Any ideas? 

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Schumacher 2001 F1 Car Sells for $7.5m
Schumacher 2001 F1 Car Sells for $7.5m
Schumacher 2001 F1 Car Sells for $7.5m
Schumacher 2001 F1 Car Sells for $7.5m
Schumacher 2001 F1 Car Sells for $7.5m
Schumacher 2001 F1 Car Sells for $7.5m