19 July, 2018

The 1,003 BHP ABT Audi RS6-E

We love cars with a tune up but this one is mega. 

Developed by ABT Sportsline, they transformed the Audi RS6 into this monster prototype which churns out a massive 1,003 BHP. That's more than the Aston Martin Superleggera, McLaren Senna, Brabham BT62 and more!

Reaching this massive figure can be down to the electronic motor which is capable of sending around 284 bhp to the rear tyres.

This evolution into a hybrid has already taken impressive stats to a completely new level. What is this new level?

Bugatti-Like Performance

If you're ever in a situation where you're bombing it in a car which boasts as much power as a Superleggera but still want something more? The ingenious 'der magic' button will bestow you with as much performance as the original Bugatti Veyron.

In a family estate car...

It must be noted that triggering this magic button requires the driver to be travelling above 62mph - should they call it the overtake button then? You only get this for 10 seconds but that's all you would need anyway.

With unofficial estimates of a top speed around 198mph, this car will be on par with a host of sports cars and would be knocking on the doors of super sportscars.

We forgot to mention it can do 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds!

Final Words

Yes, this is a prototype but what ABT Sportsline has done is explore the lengths and widths of tuning a hybrid vehicle. Not bad though eh?

This interpretation of a hybrid car is quite interesting. Instead of using the electric motor as the organising principle of the car, it's instead been used as a performance booster.

Essentially it's like a shot of nitro which you saw in the early Fast and Furious films. Imagine that.

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The 1,003 BHP Audi RS6-E
The 1,003 BHP Audi RS6-E
The 1,003 BHP Audi RS6-E
The 1,003 BHP Audi RS6-E