15 February, 2018

Rare BMW is Heading into Auction

William George and Co. will hold a Classic & Prestige Cars Auction which ends on 28th February. Inside this auction, you can find an array of vehicles such as a Ferrari 355 and a Maserati Levante.

However, there will be a car of which only 750 were made and it comes from BMW but this is not just any BMW.

BMW Racing Division

You've heard of Mercedes AMG and Audi Sport (Used to be called Audi Quattro). These are the performance arms of BMW rivals Mercedes and Audi. In an effort to tackle this lucrative market, BMW introduced this new division to their company and have started making vehicles to appeal to this market of buyers.

The M comes from a successful line of racing vehicles which scored BMW numerous successes across rally and racing and now this technology will be transferred to selected BMW road cars.

The BMW M240i 

BMW took their M240i model and decided to revise it using their M Performance technology to great effect. However, the production run of this new vehicle will be limited to 750 models which makes this quite rare. 

The main point to take from BMW revising an existing model is that they want to offer drivers a completely new drive with improvements to the driver experience. One area they looked at was performance.

The BMW M240i M Performance

BMW unveiled a revised version of their 240i model in July 2017 after the launch of their M Performance Automobile Division but this time it was boasting their M Performance. This car can do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of around 155mph housing 335 bhp. What owners can expect to have are improvements to:

  • The aerodynamics of the car.
  • Drivetrain.
  • Cockpit.
  • Chassis.

The M240i M Performance has distinguishable features compared to its predecessor. Some of these features are:

  • Carbon fibre rear spoiler
  • A revised front spoiler lip
  • Air guides
  • A splitter all

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the matte black finish to various parts of the car and this is essentially what they are.

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The BMW M240i just got M Performance
The BMW M240i just got M Performance
The BMW M240i just got M Performance
The BMW M240i just got M Performance