06 April, 2018

The GoodWood Festival of Speed - The Garden Party of the Gods 

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed will turn 25 in 2018. If this upcoming event is anything like before then this anniversary promises to be spectacular. Here, we explain what makes it one of the most revered events on a motor enthusiast’s calendar.

What is it?

Tucked away in the British woodlands is an English stately home. You enter the magnificent grounds and see a garden party held in the height of British Summer. As you wander around admiring the sophistication and tranquillity, you suddenly you hear a V6 Turbo-powered Formula 1 Car race by before going off in the distance as it tackles the famous hill climb.

“Welcome to the Goodwood Festival of Speed” proclaims a guest.

What is The Goodwood Festival of Speed?

The Goodwood festival of speed is an event where you can watch over 100 years of motoring unravel where past meets present which meets future with a delicate blend of speed and power.

Who goes to The Goodwood Festival of Speed?

There aren’t many events which can bring together people from different racing disciplines.

This event attracts visitors ranging from racing car drivers right down to car enthusiasts. It brings them all together through its underlying goal which is to celebrate speed, power and performance. This in-turn creates an event for any fan of cars.

What can you do at The Goodwood Festival of Speed?

There are ample opportunities to get a feel for the Goodwood festival with motoring shows for a variety of different tastes. The events range from pre-war cars right up to today’s hypercars with a dash of an aerial display. You can also mix in the audaciousness of a rally car with the delicate grace of a formula 1 car as it negotiates its way from corner to corner trying to find perfection.

The amount of variety at the event is profound and we explain some of the events below.

What Are Types of Events at The Goodwood Festival of Speed?

  1. Hill Climb – The centrepiece of the entire event. This 1.16-mile course containing no barriers or fences will showcase a car’s true essence of both modern and heritage cars.
  1. Sunday Shootout – This shootout will feature the cars with the fastest times on the Hill Climb as they will battle it out for the coveted crown of being the fastest at the Hill Climb.
  1. Pre-War cars and bikes – A series of shows featuring cars made before WW1. These events will take you back over 100 years to where it all began. It’s a fantastic way to see how cars have evolved over time and how their legacy still lives on today.
  1. Moving Motor Show – Several events which showcase the latest road cars such as: The Aston Martin Vulcan, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Jaguar Project 8 etc. These road cars also do a hill climb where you’re able to see the cars up close where they will utilise some of the latest technology to navigate their way through the hill climb.
  1. Rally stage runs – If you ever want to see what happens when a Rally car is presented with a woodland course then this event is for you. It will show you why Rally drivers are known for being brave as they tackle the famous Woodlands Course.
  1. Air display red arrows – The RAF will be on hand, or in this case, in the air where they will be able to show their skills and provide entertainment for all attendees to this event.

Final Note

The Goodwood Festival of Speed offers an unparalleled experience which attracts people from the world over, cars from different motorsport racing classes and more which culminates into transforming that Garden Party you walked into becoming what is called ‘The Garden Party of the Gods’.

The festival starts on 12th July and ends on the 15th and promises to be one of the biggest ones yet.

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed Turns 25
The Goodwood Festival of Speed Turns 25
The Goodwood Festival of Speed Turns 25