17 June, 2018

The Ford Mustang Bullitt is Back! For £47,145

Ford has made an announcement which warmed the hearts of many admirers of Steve McQueen's exploits in his Mustang from Bullitt. A new homage will be made with the addition of a Mustang Bullitt.

Marking the 50th anniversary of the film, it will be priced £6k above the normal retail of a Mustang but its cinematic heritage will make this car a worthy companion.

The Car

This is not the first Mustang to pay homage to Bullitt. The first one came in 2001 with the 4th generation Mustang. The second came in 2008 with the 5th generation Mustang. 

This third commemoration will feature a host of features such as a 5L V8 engine which will churn out 453bhp and have a top speed of around 160mph. You can also choose to have the dark green livery or painted in black.

Trivia - Each car will have a unique VIN number.

VIN Number #001 was auctioned off after the Detroit Motor Show and was driven in by the son of Steve McQueen, Chad. Selling for a massive $300,000, it illustrates the potential market this car can appeal to. 

Take a look at the classic scene from the film: Bullitt which features one of the most famous car chases of all time! Courtesty of MovieClips.

Final Words

With the sale of the first 2019 Mustang Bullitt already completed and the record price being donated to charity, it remains to be seen how many will be made by Ford, it's a question of interest.

Steve McQueen's Submariner was another piece of memorabilia which is going into an auction in October. Thought to be lost in a fire, it was recovered and serviced by Rolex who managed to keep the engraving intact which McQueen dedicated to his friend. Hit the button below to read the article.

The Legendary Mustang Bullitt is back!
The Legendary Mustang Bullitt is back!
The Legendary Mustang Bullitt is back!