08 May, 2018

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car Sales for Below Estimate

As more iconic cars become available for auction, we are reminded of their nostalgic value and also the special place they hold within us. I mean, if I had the option of a Ferrari Enzo or the Batmobile from The Dark Knight then I would probably buy a cape and start speaking in a deeper voice.

The only fully-working Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car has sold at auction for below its asking price. Despite the fanfare and media publicity, the featured-lot was unable to meet its expected hammer of 1-$2m.

Made famous by the 1968 film 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', it quickly became one of the most famous cars in the world and became another classic added to Disney's envious portfolio. 

Trivia - The film was loosely based on the novel by Ian Fleming and had a budget of $10m.

A Closer Look at the Car 

In total there were 6 cars made but only one of them was driveable. The majority of the other cars were incomplete and used mainly for stunts.

The only operational car is sporting a surprising 3L V6 engine and also the famous number plate of "GEN 11".

Trivia - The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car was built by the Ford Racing Team and designed by Ken Adam.

The visual appearance of the car is quite striking and is made up of some unusual materials.

Firstly, the bonnet is made from polished aluminium. Secondly, the rear which strongly resembles a boat was made from cedar polished by hand. Finally, the dashboard was from a WW1 fighter plane. 

During the auction, bidding managed to reach $805,000.

Movie Plot

The iconic film which tells the story of Caractacus Potts played by Dick Van Dyke and the encounter he and his family have with The Evil Baron Bomburst of Vulgaria.

Determined to get his hands on the car created by Potts for the glory of Vulgaria, almost no stone is left unturned, in his pursuit of the revolutionary car of which contains magical powers including:

  • Sailing on Water.
  • Soaring through the sky.

Unfortunately, the wrong person gets abducted. Chased by the Potts and his children aboard the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, they fly all the way to Vulgaria and learn of the tyranny which is plaguing the kingdom.

After receiving aid from the toymaker and the imprisoned children, they free the grandfather and restore freedom to the kingdom before flying home in the iconic car.

Final Words

In our previous article: Batmobile sells for record price the idea of owning a car which so few people have ever driven and also their cultural appeal is too much to ignore. This is especially true for diehard fans and also people who fondly remember the reason why they adore the car so much.

The Batmobile from the 60s and now the original car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are examples of the cars we would happily trade the latest supercar for.

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The Original Chitty Chitty Bang Car Sells in Auction
The Original Chitty Chitty Bang Car Sells in Auction
The Original Chitty Chitty Bang Car Sells in Auction