07 September, 2016

Here at William George & Co we love an unusual or rare item but not much can compare to a nearly complete dodo skeleton, very few remains of these birds are in existence and there is believed to be only one complete dodo skeleton made up from the bones of one single animal.

This unique specimen was discovered in the early 1900s in a mountain valley and is on display in Mauritius, the only native habitat of the dodo and the island where it was first discovered by humans in September 1598 before becoming extinct just 70 years later.

The dodo has been extinct for over 350 years and this is the first time a skeleton has been available to buy for over 100 years, this particular skeleton is 95% complete and is made up from the remains of several birds.

It is likely that this will become the first and last time that a dodo skeleton becomes available at auction as the Mauritius Government has now banned the export of dodo bones, leaving many skeletons incomplete and requiring reconstruction.

The last time a dodo’s remains were sold was back in 1914 to Cardiff museum for £350, such is the rarity of the bird’s remains estimates state that would equate to around £5m today.

The dodo has became a cultural and literary icon for extinction and as such, interest is thought to be high in the skeleton which will be displayed publicly before it goes to auction.

The sale is due to take place at Summer Place Auctions on November 22, where it is estimated that the skeleton will fetch a high 6 figure sum.

Dodo Skeleton