20 January, 2018

It all Started in 2017

Read time 1-2 mins

In their Spring/Summer collection of 2017, French fashion powerhouse Chanel introduced an item which got a lot of people talking. However, this is not the first time Chanel has rocked the world of high fashion.

Chanel the Visionary

Chanel is known for pushing boundaries ever since their inception by Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. Her vision saw Chanel introduce us to iconic pieces such as the Little Black Dress and the No.5 Chanel perfume to name a few.

The Minaudiere

Their offering is the Chanel Minaudiere. The item is no Little Black Dress or No. 5 which you can read more about here but the added flair of Minaudiere may invoke feelings of French fashion at its finest and there is an argument for that. Nevertheless, it’s something else entirely different, a robot bag. 

This bag is quite unique and not something you would come to expect from Chanel but the creative mind of Karl Lagerfeld is known to always give us something different. Its capabilities are limited but it still maintains its primary function of being a bag. 

Chanel introduce us to the Minaudiere
Chanel introduce us to the Minaudiere
Chanel introduce us to the Minaudiere