10 November, 2018

When Versace Dominated Fashion

Gianni Versace is an iconic fashion designer. His creativity and strong links to the music and fashion world set him apart from other fashion houses. 

He had a certain panache that made him exciting, unpredictable and extremely popular.

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Creating designs laden with sexuality and/or sensuality, people were able to steal the show, break the internet or both.

Versace's 'Golden Era' is considered to be the 80s and 90s. This was a time they created a string of designs that inspired a whole generation of designers and put celebrities on the map. So, what were they?

Baroque Prints

Baroque prints came into fashion in the late '80s. Gianni transformed it by making it raw and dynamic. In the silk design, he including Medusa heads and leopard skins which culminated into an eye-catching look.

The likes of Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista ensured Versace was going to enter the 90's the same way they left the 80's.  

When J-Lo Broke the Internet (The 1st Time)

Also known as the dress that inspired Google Images.

Designed by Donatella Versace, this jungle green dress became so famous, it has its own wiki page and is still regarded as one of her most famous designs. 

Jennifer Lopez wore the exotic green Versace dress to the 42nd Academy Awards in 2000. Designed with a low neckline, it's a see-through silk chiffon dress with a citrine-studded crotch and patterned with bamboo and tropical leaves.

Oroton Metal Mesh

One of the most empowering designs in the world. 

The Oroton design is essentially a metal mesh of hard metals but completely draped in silk. First seen in 1984, it cemented Gianni as a forward thinker and also a new trademark for the fashion house. 

The idea behind the design was giving the wearer the illusion of being dressed in liquid metals.  

Hurley safety pin dress with Hugh Grant

Before Elizabeth Hurley became a global star, she wore a dress that catapulted her across the line.

Whilst dating Hugh Grant, she attended the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in a plunging gown held together by safety pins.

The dress is still talked about today.

Miss S&M Bondage Collection

1992 was an interesting year because Versace introduced us to their bondage collection. 

Titled Miss S&M, it caused two camps to form. Some liked it and others certainly did not. 

The runway was an interesting spectacle because Versace made so many fantasies come to life. Using skin tight or just lots of leather, it dominated the show.

Final Words

Versace's impact on fashion design is extraordinary. Their innovative use of metals and materials has deified an array of their designs. 

What's remarkable about the designs are the familiar faces you see wearing them. The likes Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen, Carla Bruni and so many more were loyal to fashion house and helped cement the term 'supermodel'.

His legacy was honoured on the Maison's 40th birthday when Donatella took his trademark Oroton design and let legends of the catwalk create an endearing moment.

This video will show his collections over the years that made Versace one of the most alluring maisons in the world.

Famous Designs by Versace
Famous Designs by Versace
Famous Designs by Versace
Famous Designs by Versace
Famous Designs by Versace