20 August, 2018

When Givenchy Met Hepburn

When two superpowers come together, we resort to nicknames. Brangelina, TomKat, Kimye, Shearer and Sutton, Yorke and Cole are some of the most famous. We combined Hepburn and Givenchy to create Hevenchy!

Spanning 40 years, Givenchy and Hepburn made a name for themselves with numerous designs writing themselves into cinematic history and one dress earning itself a Wikipedia page!  

Creating a new look for the post-war area enabled Givenchy to become an international hit which caught the attention of Hollywood royalty such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly among others!

How did the Hepburn-Givenchy relationship begin?

"Miss Hepburn" is Coming

In spring 1953, the unknown Hepburn needed an on-screen wardrobe for her film, Sabrina. It required Parisien couture so she went to Paris in search of Balenciaga who directed her to his former student, Hubert de Givenchy.

Hubert received a call informing him that a "Miss Hepburn" will arrive to obtain a dress for her film, Sabrina. Expecting to see Katharine, he instead met Audrey and didn't know how to help her. However, Hepburn's elegant charm convinced him otherwise after she asked him what dresses he had available.

The film became a success and scored an Academy Award for Best Costume Design.

Unparallelled Success

After the success of Sabrina, Hevenchy achieved notable feats. Here are a few:

  • Givenchy's designs secured Roman Holiday an Academy Award for Best Costume Design and nominations for other hits such as Funny Face. 
  • Hepburn won Best Actress for her role in Roman Holiday (1954) and earned 4 Best Actress nominations.
  • Givenchy designed her wedding dress which she wore at her wedding to Andrea Dotti.
  • Of these dresses, the LBD she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's became a classic and sold for $920,000 at auction in 2006. 

The Dress That Inspired a Wikipedia Page

Do you know a dress which has a Wikipedia page? 

Meghan Markle's wedding dress? That does and Givenchy made it. 

The dress J-Lo wore to the Grammy Awards? Yeah, that has a Wiki page and influenced the creation of Google Images. How? In 24 hours, Fans downloaded pictures of the dress over 600,000 times from the Grammy Website.

Hepburn’s Oscar's dress, a white floral gown made by Givenchy became a class above all when it went against convention. Designed with a boatneck opening and a tight belt to show her small waist, it won a place on a list of The Best Dresses of the 20th Century. 

Final Words

Their relationship started a new era. They created a new identity for a woman in the Golden Years of Hollywood. Why? Her appearances on-screen is still a benchmark for design today.

Take a look at Givenchy's impact on fashion in our blog post: Luxury Fashion House Spotlight: Givenchy.

Is there a way to describe their relationship? Givenchy stated that Hepburn's style became his style and he asked her to become the face of his first female perfume which illustrates how much she meant to him and his brand.  

What are your thoughts on Hevenchy? Share and let us know!

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Hepburn and Givenchy - A Love Affair
Hepburn and Givenchy - A Love Affair
Hepburn and Givenchy - A Love Affair
Hepburn and Givenchy - A Love Affair
Hepburn and Givenchy - A Love Affair
Hepburn and Givenchy - A Love Affair
Hepburn and Givenchy - A Love Affair