12 July, 2018

History of Bulgari

Jewellery has been a part of our society for hundreds and even thousands of years. Throughout its use, jewellery has taken on many different shapes, sizes and colours.

These different designs have been used to signify many things. Religion, status, death and splendour to name a few. 

When jewellery became more accessible, the designs became even more daring as people desperately tried to stay ahead of the curve and maintain their status.

The key word here is differentiation as they did not want to be considered 'normal'. Polishing evolved into cutting and this evolved into combining different elements such as accessories and outfits. 

Jewellery has always been used to signify something and in this article, we will see how it's defined an entire brand.

Welcome, to the story of Bulgari.

Luxury Fashion Spotlight - Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the most daring fashion brands in the world. Their use of colour and extravagant design caught the attention of the world's biggest stars from Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn and more. 

Famous Bulgari Products

The man behind Bulgari was Sotirios Boulgaris who created the brand in 1884.

With a background in jewellery, some of his earliest designs were of silver and inspired by Byzantine traditions. Their future designs would go onto push jewellery design and influence a new way of jewellery making.

Here are some of Bulgari's most famous designs.

Trombino Ring

One of their biggest successes came in the 1930s with the Trombino ring. Translated as 'little trumpet', it's been a mainstay in their designs ever since.

What set this apart was the gemstone used in its design. It was able to become the main focal point.

Serpenti Bracelet

A serpent can signify many things. For example, deception, seductiveness and strength. For Bulgari? It was elegance.

Created in the 1940s, their SERPENTI jewellery line was carefully perfected over the course of 15 years. The solution was a spring placed in the coils to enable flexibility.

Trivia - Eagle-eyed fans will notice Elizabeth Taylor wearing one in Cleopatra.  

Despite starring in one of the most famous films of that decade, Bulgari was not done yet as the third generation of the family were ready to take the company to new heights. 

Parentesi Collection

During the 80s, there was a need for jewellery that was easy to wear.

Bulgari responded to this with the Parentesi range which became popular due to its boldness and versatility.  

Examples of popular designs for this range are the 'Alveare' and 'Nuvole'.  

Bulgari Post WW2

Bulgari truly came alive during the 50s and 60s. Adorning their collections with a wide hue of colours, their collections of Jewellery truly had Bulgari written all over it. Gone away was the Parisian influence who were heralded as the fashion capital - Bulgari had come into their own.

Examples of their designs saw gems used for their colour and not their price. The shapes were symmetrical, designs were compact and featured yellow gold.

Their daring use of combinations coupled with their new ideology caught the attention of famous icons such as the Grace of Monaco.

Vivid colours like the blue of sapphire became a staple of the brand and enabled them to explore new avenues and experiment even more. 

International Expansion

International recognition came calling and Bulgari expanded over to the USA in the early 70s. Taking inspiration from their flag, Bulgari created a line of jewellery inspired by the star spangled banner.

Bulgari Today

With the ability to adapt to a change in consumer tastes, Bulgari released the Naturalia collection which showcased their appreciation of nature. 

Bulgari joined the LVMH family in 2011 who is one of the biggest luxury goods conglomerates in the world.

Now part of a new era, Bulgari's eye for design and their willingness to create some of the most eye-catching jewellery in the world has reaffirmed our love affair with jewellery.

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