22 September, 2018

Chanel - Defying Convention, Constantly.

If you've never owned a Chanel product then you probably own something inspired by her.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is an icon of the fashion world. Rejecting the norms of her days, she used her vision to give women a new way to portray themselves by liberating them from the constraints of their time.

Trivial - The nickname "Coco" was obtained after frequently singing to soldiers. 

The legacy of Chanel can be found in the company which carries her name and their on-going mission to be the ultimate house of luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever.

La Maison de Chanel

Born in 1883, Gabrielle Chanel grew up as an orphan where she learnt how to sow and gained experience working as a seamstress.

It was not until 1910 that Chanel opened her first shop at 21 Rue Cambon in Paris under the name 'Chanel Modes'. Her designs attracted the attention of some of France's most famous actresses which led to her designs being copied across all of Paris.

With this new exposure, Chanel moved onto new ventures by opening a boutique and two couture shops in the space of 8 years.

Chanel unleashed an array of designs and products that still inspire fashion today.

Iconic Chanel Products

To chronicle Chanel's impact on fashion, you'd need an entire museum! With their own place in history, Chanel has played such a central role in pushing the boundaries of Haute Couture and femininity. 

LBD (Little Black Dress) - 1926

The impact of this dress is difficult to describe but to give you an insight: 

"When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.” - Wallis Simpson, The Duchess of Windsor.

Trivia - It earned itself a spot in Vogue magazine. 

Chanel N°5 Perfume - 1921

Chanel released their first fragrance, N°5. This perfume not only became one of the most famous fragrances in the world but a symbol of feminity. It was conceived by Ernest Beaux and got its name from the 5th scent presented to Chanel.

Female Suits - 1924

Described as unconventionally comfortable, Chanel created female suits inspired by a tweed fabric worn by the Duke of Westminster when she visited him in Scotland.

She liked the fabric so much, she bought one for herself!

Chanel 2.55 bag - 1955

After a hiatus, Chanel returned to Paris and reopened her couture shops after experiencing a distaste for fashion at the time. She embarked on another revolution and created the 2.55 bag, one of the most famous bags in the world.

Trivia - what made this bag so famous was the fact that it had a strap which freed the wearer. The bag was quilted and named after the date of its creation.

It has a wiki page it's so famous.

Chanel at Fashion Week

Chanel at Fashion Week is like giving a blank cheque to a sports coach, imagination just runs wild!

Fashion Week is a time where designers present their collection for the upcoming season. You can read more about it in our guide: What Happens at Fashion Week?

Their ability to surprise the many leads to highly anticipated shows that do not disappoint. From casinos and waterfalls to jumbo jets, you can see a few of their feats in our article: What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?

Final Words

The legacy of Chanel is one for the history books. She passed away in 1971 with a contribution to women's fashion that's second to none. 

The fearless vision of their founder unearthed a new sense of fashion that liberated women the world over. 

"May my legend prosper and thrive. I wish it a long and happy life" - Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

Today, Karl Lagerfeld is at the helm and his ability to gamble with his designs has enabled Chanel to keep redefining haute couture. By maintaining the essence of Coco, he often throws us a surprise or two!

"fashion passes, style remains" - Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

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Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Chanel
Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Chanel
Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Chanel
Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Chanel
Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Chanel
Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Chanel