27 November, 2018

Turning Dreams Into a Reality

When it comes to the most expensive this and that, it goes beyond the product in question. Why? They are more than ideas, they are dreams.

Take a look at the following quote from Alain Wertheimer.

We're in the business of selling pleasure. We don't sell handbags or haute couture. We sell dreams. - Alain Wertheimer.

A fascinating quote, it's able to capture the essence of these one-off items. If you're wondering why people buy them, it's because a part of them strongly resonates with the item in question. 

Here, we take a look at some of the most expensive handbags in the world and the story behind them. 

Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag - $261,000

I think every superlative has been exhausted trying to explain Chanel.

They have done so much for the industry, it's fascinating. Check out their story here: Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Chanel.

Anyway, the bag they created is one of their most exclusive. Why? There are only 13 and it's a ravishing piece. 

Debuting in 2007, it consists of 334 diamonds,18k white gold and white alligator skin.

It was sold around the world which means that anyone could have owned this ultra-high luxury bag!

Hermès Birkin Bag - Matte Himalayan Nilo Crocodile - $379,261

What happens when a handbag costs more than a Ferrari? it becomes the most expensive bag sold at auction! 

Hermès Birkin Bags are renowned for two things, the story behind them and the fact they appreciate in value due to the long waiting lists. 

These bags can start at £10,000 but they are quite rare as no one ever knows how many Hermès create each year.

This uncertain supply, combined with an obcene demand, is driving their re-sale value through the roof!  

Anyway, £379,261 is a lot of money but what drove it to this price? Well, this isn't your average Birkin. 

Firstly, the bag is made from the leather of Niloticus crodiles, 18k Gold, 240 diamonds and up to three are only made each year.

Is this the ultimate Birkin? Probably.

Hermès Birkin Ginza Tanaka bag - £1.9m

Another one. What can we say about Hermès? Perhaps they are super luxury after all.

Collaborating with japanese designer, Ginza Tanaka, it's a truly extraordinary bag.

Firstly, it's made with platinum and features over 2,000 diamonds. 

Secondly, it's one of the most versaitle bags out there.

The strap you see can function as a necklace or bracelets which converts the bag into a clutch. In addition to this, the 8-carat pear-shaped diamond can be used separately too!

With a bag this versatile, all you need is a dress and shoes!

Hermès Kelly Rose Gold - $2m

It's no surprise that Hermès has another slot on our list, their bags are just so iconic. Take a look at their story here: Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Hermès.

Collaborating with luxury designer, Pierre Hardy, this juggernaut is made out of solid rose gold but fashioned into crocodile leather which is quite extraordinary. 

To make the bag even more glamourous, they added around 1,160 diamonds! 

It's a fantastic piece of art but the price is even more staggering as it will set you back $2m!

Reportedly, only 12 of these bags were made which explains the price!

The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse - £2.35m

This is a behemoth and I don't mean size.

The effort required to create this bag is staggering. Here are the figures:

  • 4,517 diamonds.
  • 8,800 assembly hours.

Creating this bag must have been one of the most ardous tasks ever undertaken. 

It's so majestic, it can be considered a marvel!

You can take a more in-depth review of the bag here: The Most Expensive Purse in the World

Final Words

These handbags are incredible and illustrate the power of our dreams. 

One of the remarkable things about these handbags is that they will inspire new ones for the future.

Why? Designers will attempt to bring to life some of their wildest dreams but what will that look like?

What combination of rare material, diamonds or even something else can be used to topple any of these bags?

The mind wonders but when that arrives, you'll be the first to know!

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The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World
The Most Expensive Handbags in The World