21 July, 2018

L'incomparable - The Most Expensive Necklace in The World

When it comes to the most expensive anything, they are usually the product of an experiment or a dream someone had. They require astronomical amounts of resources, design and craftsmanship. When this all comes together? Our notions of what's possible seem small compared to what we have just witnessed. 

Take the most expensive purse in the world, The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. It took 8,800 hours to create. The idea of thinking about it is ludicrous in itself, it's Olympian. 

Mouawad, who ironically made the most expensive purse in the world, has upped the ante and added a necklace to its collection of 'the most expensive' accolades. Let's take a closer look at L'incomparable which translates to 'the incomparable'. 

Time and Chance Happens to Them All

There's a story behind every phenomenon which requires a perfect storm to become remotely possible. To give an idea of this, they say that one person's trash is another person's treasure. 

Discovered in DR Congo, amongst some rubble, was an 890-Carat deep-yellow stone. It was presented to the public not long after it was found 30 years ago in 1984. 

After touring various museums, it was then crafted into L'incomparable by Mouawad in 2012.

The Making of L'Incomparable

You can see the stunning necklace but what are you actually looking at?

After undergoing a step-cut, the now 407ct stone, graded as internally flawless, was placed in a rose gold setting and adorned further with over 200 carats worth of white diamonds! To be precise:

  • 35 round diamonds.
  • 27 pear-shaped diamonds.
  • 9 heart-shaped diamonds.
  • 5 emerald-cut diamonds.
  • 5 cushion diamonds.

What Does This Mean?

Coming together to create a piece of jewellery now boasting 637cts, it's arranged in a tree vine-like design and was exhibited at the Doha Jewellery and Watch Exhibition in 2013. 

Trivia - It received a valuation of $55m and was certified by Guinness to be the most expensive of its kind.

Final Words

L'incomparable diamond is the biggest diamond ever graded by the GIA.

With the Asian market showing increased interest in expensive diamonds, cars, wines and art will there be a record sale in the works?

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The World's Most Expensive Necklace
The World's Most Expensive Necklace
The World's Most Expensive Necklace