19 September, 2018

Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Week is on the home straight after the conclusions of the New York, London and Milan Fashion Week.  

The number of stories coming out of Fashion Week is akin to the waterfall Chanel pulled off but don't worry, they'll be more on this later.

One of the big stories from Paris Fashion Week belongs to L’Oreal who plan to hold a fashion show on the River Seine. Featuring a 60m catwalk, the models will appear to be walking on water!

Members of the public will be able to witness this biblical moment and they are expected in their thousands - well 200,000 to be exact. Surrounding areas will be closed off - so expect a spectacle. If you cannot get there then check the online stream. 

The History of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week began in 1973 and became the scene of the famous 'Fashion Face-off' between French and American designers.

The show was a fundraiser for the Palace of Versaille's restoration project. Designers included: Givenchy, Oscar De La Renta, Anna Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and more!

French Fashion has grown into a massive industry for the French economy. Here are some stats:

  • €150bn in sales (€33bn in exports).
  • 27 professional trade fairs attracting 14 000 exhibitors.
  • 1 million jobs.

You now know about French Fashion Week but what happens there?

What Can You Expect at Paris Fashion Week?

Paris and Milan share the accolade of unpredictably spectacular fashion shows. You can check out Milan's here: What Happens At Milan Fashion Week?

Designers will go to extraordinary lengths to steal the spotlight from rival designers. You've already heard about L'Oreal but that's just the start.

It was difficult narrowing down a top 5 but we tried our best! Take a look at iconic moments at Paris Fashion Week!

Iconic Moments at Paris Fashion Week

They say that you have to see it, to believe it. Paris Fashion Week has contained moments that went beyond imagination and what's remarkable is the fact it worked.

Chanel Replicate the Verdon Gorge

The Grand Palais functions as a historical site, exhibition hall, museum and one of Chanel's greatest feats.

They recreated a huge replica of the Verdon Gorge, located in the south of France inside the Grand Palais!

Trivia - it took 2 months to create the six waterfalls leading into a gully under the catwalk.

This backdrop formed the inspiration for their aquatic collection of vinyl rain gear.

YSL Fashion Show at the Eiffel Tower

So, the Effiel Tower is one of the most well-known landmarks in the world. 7 million people a year visit. This iconic location formed part of Yves Saint Laurent's opening act for Paris Fashion Week.

During the show, the Eiffel Tower was on cue and dazzled the crowd who were seated in stands along the Trocadero.

It's hard to compete with backdrops like this but Fendi did a fashion show on the Great Wall of China! You can read about it here - Luxury Fashion House Spotlight - Fendi

Chanel's Casino Fashion Show (2015)

They say to always gamble with what you can afford. Karl Lagerfeld staged a live casino during a fashion show.

In their 2015 showstopper, the likes of Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore played poker whilst models walked around them showing off Chanel's latest collection. 

Lagerfeld enshrined a hidden meaning in the casino stunt by saying he takes gambles in his designs.

John Galliano, The Spectacular (1998)

In 1998, John Galliano pulled off one of the most extravagant fashion shows ever seen!

The show ended on the marble steps of Paris' Opera Garnier where paper butterflies fell on the models. 

At the time of the show, Galliano recently started at the legendary Dior brand. That is how you introduce yourself.

Louis Vuitton, The Louvre and the Train (2012)

Taking over the Louvre is one thing but putting a real train in there for your show is another.

Louis Vuitton took spectacles to new levels when they presented their accessories collection at The Louvre.

The models walked off the train which pulled into Cour Carrée and porters brought their accessories. 

This collection helped bring back sentiments of luxurious travel and their brand heritage.

Final Words

The feats pulled off by these designers just illustrate the level of creativity found in French fashion. This has been a mainstay ever since its inception 40 years ago.

The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (French Fashion Federation) determine the dates for Paris Fashion Week.

They work to further French Fashion by bringing together over 100 fashion brands who combine traditional know-how and modern technology to ensure France is one of the leading fashion capitals in the world.

Paris Fashion Week starts from 25 September - 3 October. You can Check out the schedule for Fashion Week here.

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What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?
What Happens at Paris Fashion Week?