24 August, 2018

Fashion Week - The Only Week That Matters

If you want to get an insight into the upcoming trends and practices used in the fashion industry, Fashion Week is your answer. 

What is it? How many are there? Who goes there? Why is each fashion week unique? We answered that for you!

What is Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is an industry event lasting 7 days. The idea of a Fashion Week began in Paris where designers hired women to model their designs.

It's a fantastic opportunity for designers, brands and Maisons to show their latest collections which influence trends for the new season.

Trivia - Fashion week is bi-annual with one in February and the other in September. 

Due to the retail cycle, designers generally show collections scheduled for release in 6 months. For example, the fall fashion week will model the spring and summer collections. This gives time for buyers to place orders and plan their marketing.

However, designers are adapting to modern times by releasing in-season collections.

Who Attends Fashion Week?

Fashion shows aren't open to the public, they are a fashion industry event. Examples of the people who attend a Fashion Week are Magazine Editors, Brand/Retail Executives, Photographers, Celebrities, Buyers, the Media and others.

What you can find at a Fashion Week is a live runway of models demonstrating new collections or fashion presentations where a model will act as a mannequin and pose in designs. 

What's it Like Being Involved in a Fashion Week?

It's chaos, organised chaos and chaos. 

Are Fashion Shows flawless? Liken it to storming the beaches of Normandy! An army of people work day and night to ensure each detail is perfect but there are exceptions.

For example, a model could appear late, not turn up or covered in aesthetics from a previous show. Our personal favourite is Queen Elizabeth appearing at London Fashion Week. How cool is that!?

Fashion Shows take months to prepare and preparations begin after the last show begins!

Final Words

Despite the 'Big Four', Fashion Weeks occur in different countries such as Spain, Brazil, Germany and a host of others.

The 'Big Four' will get the most media coverage but it doesn't stop designers promoting their collection outside those exclusive cities. 

Following the fashion industry is difficult but the number of websites and social media channels continue to increase which makes life easier.

Vogue is rather a bible in the fashion world and releases the September issue each year. It's huge. Literally, the September 2012 edition contained 916 pages! They cover everything fashion and provide exclusive content for upcoming shows with interviews, videos etc. 

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Next week we kick off Fashion Week with a feature on NYFW. Check our blog post: What Happens at New York Fashion Week?

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Fashion Week Guide
Fashion Week Guide
Fashion Week Guide
Fashion Week Guide
Fashion Week Guide
Fashion Week Guide