17 August, 2016
The market for collectible watches has been increasing in recent years with classic styles and watch brands lasting the test of time to offer a valuable mode of investment for the passionate watch... Read Full Article >
How to Shop for a Luxury Watch at Auction
19 August, 2016
The Watch Auction process is not as daunting as you may think, especially if William George is your auctioneer. We are experts at buying and selling Watches of all shapes and sizes at... Read Full Article >
Watches: Technology or Luxury?
08 October, 2016
Here at William George, we love luxury watches and we love technology but some things are meant to be kept separate. In fact, just next week we have a trade stock auction including brand new iMacs... Read Full Article >
Legendary collection of Patek Phillipes to go up for auction
03 October, 2016
One of the most exciting watch auctions of the year is coming to Geneva in November and it’s bringing with it some of the rarest watches in the world, including a series of legendary Patek... Read Full Article >
£69 Rolex sells for a massive £140,000
03 November, 2016
A rare Rolex Submariner has just sold for a whopping £140,000 but it would’ve been worth just a fraction of that price if the owner had got his wish to repair some slight damage on the... Read Full Article >
Find timeless style in vintage watches
04 November, 2016
Vintage watches offer you the freedom to get a timepiece that’s as individual as you are and online auctions present a great opportunity to find your perfect watch at a very good price. Not... Read Full Article >
Meet the worlds most expensive wristwatch
18 November, 2016
A stainless steel Patek Philippe sold over the weekend became the worlds most expensive wristwatch when the hammer slammed down at an unprecedented £7.7m, after tripling pre sale... Read Full Article >
Luxury watchmaking: The best of British
18 November, 2016
Luxury British watches have somewhat slipped under the radar over the past couple of decades, swamped by competition boasting the prestigious Swiss Made stamp. When it comes to spending the... Read Full Article >
Could Patek Philippe’s most complicated watch become the most expensive?
16 March, 2017
At an auction in Geneva in 2011, a Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication became the world’s most expensive timepiece when the hammer fell for an astounding $24,000,000. Patek... Read Full Article >