01 May, 2018

Rolex Unveils Everose Gold Daytona

The newest edition of the Rainbow Daytona family is soon to be upon us with some noticeable differences to its siblings. First released in 2012, the Rainbow Daytona was only available in white gold and also in yellow gold.

They were priced at $86,000 and then created in low quantities. Two things happened. First, collectors and the elite just had to have one and secondly, they quickly rose in price for a period of time.

They have experienced a renewed interest which has almost doubled their retail value.

Before we get into the details of the new Everose edition, why is the Daytona so revered?

The History of the Rolex Daytona

The Daytona is one of the Rolex's most iconic models. Known as the racing man's watch, Daytona is a place which has strong links with Rolex as 14 land speed records were broken there between 1904 and 1935 by people wearing one.

You can read more about it in our article "Luxury Watchmaking Spotlight: Rolex".

Choosing to make a limited edition of watches from one of their most revered models is something which creates an interest. This, combined with the nature of its design is what gets our attention.

Trivia - The first Rolex Daytona was released in 1963 and became synonymous with the Daytona International Speedway after it was built in 1959.

The Golden Problem

There is an underlying issue when something is made of gold.

In our article: Strangest Items in Auction Part 4 - The Million Dollar Coin (2010), we explained how Canada decided to make a coin made out of pure gold with a nominal value of $1m. In addition, we also explained how gold is a soft metal and is usually combined with other elements to increase its durability. 

Rolex operates their own foundry and created their Everose gold alloy for their new Rainbow Daytona. It's pink-coloured which is not to be confused with normal pink gold which is comprised of gold and copper. It must also be noted that pink gold can lose their colour over time due to its exposure to the environment.

This problem was recognised and they created Everose which includes platinum (around 2%). This preserves the copper as it blends with the platinum and this fusion helps the alloy to lock in its colour and ensure its longevity. 

Trivia - When calculating the purity of gold, divide the karats by 24 which is pure gold. E.g. 18k gold is 75% gold (18/24).

This all culminates into creating a fantastic finish. It's certainly quite unique because everyone will have a different opinion. However, isn't that the sign of a great watch?

Can it be argued that something which divides opinion can also be considered to be great? The Everose has accomplished this feat by dividing the opinion of watch admirers due to its ability to invoke subjective feelings.

For those who are not totally convinced or are interested, take a look at how it's made!

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2HYdMsVXtUfW1bEuw_7nEA 

What makes this watch so unique is the rainbow gradation on the bezel which completely steals the show. It's also visually striking and will certainly spark a few conversations if you were seen wearing one or even saw one in a shop window.   

What We Like About it

We have been trying to understand the features of the new Rolex which has divided opinion and also helps it to stand out from other watches. Let's take a closer look at some of these standout features. We have chosen the bezel, dial, lugs and its overall finish. 

The Bezel

The bezel has 36 baguette-cut sapphires with a rainbow gradation that creates a show-stopping bezel. What's remarkable about the bezel is how the colour's hue delicately changes to create this transfixing motion.

The Dial

The indexes are made up of 11-hour markers that are rainbow coloured sapphires. This feature is new with the Everose as the previous Rainbow Daytonas did not have any hour makers. The dial itself is black lacquer which helps to compliment the indexes, the 18k rose-gold hour hands and its 18k pink gold counters.

The Lugs

The lugs have been laden with over 50 diamonds. It comes together to create quite a spectacle. When you combine this with the Everose tone, you can begin to see how it comes together to offer a unique look.

Rolex even went through the trouble of sourcing IF (Internally Flawless) clarity stones to put into the watch which helps to illustrate its superiority. You can read more about clarity in our article: Diamond Guide: Clarity.

The Finish

A lot can be said for the finish because it amplifies the different colours of the bezel which gives it a surreal look. In addition to the diamonds, it comes together to create an attractive watch. Its movement is automatic with a power reserve of 72 hours.

Trivia - It's water resistant up to 100m.

Final Words

The Everose is not for everyone and when you look at its innovative design with some of the finest stones you can find as, according to Blue Nile, only 3% of diamonds are graded as Internally Flawless, you can see how its rarity combined with its limited production may end up being one of the smartest investments you could make.

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Review: Rolex Rainbow Daytona in Everose Gold
Review: Rolex Rainbow Daytona in Everose Gold
Review: Rolex Rainbow Daytona in Everose Gold
Review: Rolex Rainbow Daytona in Everose Gold
Review: Rolex Rainbow Daytona in Everose Gold