28 March, 2018

Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2

Read time 9-10 mins

Part 2 has arrived! This part of the series looks further into the world of watches and we have outlined even more from different genres to give you a watch for every occasion. 


Smartwatches have been causing a storm in recent years. in 2015, they were on par with the Swiss watchmaking industry in regards to sales until 2016 when they took the lead. Today? The smartwatch is in pole position and many brands are making both! 

The industry is being buoyed by strong sales from Apple who are estimated to have out-sold Swiss watchmakers combined. Yes, combined.

For him - Hugo Boss Men's Smartwatch

The Hugo Boss smartwatch is ideal for anybody who likes to have a lot of gadgets available which improves their levels of efficiency. What's great about the watch is how it blends its traditional dial with today's digital society.

For her - Michael Kors Yellow Gold Sofie Smartwatch

This watch, like most of the watches from Michael Kors, is quite elegant and it also explores new areas. For example, there are no dials and a hand measuring time, it's just a digital interface. The design has made use of this extra space by making an eye-catching finish.

Luxury - Tag Heuer Modular 45 Smartwatch (Honourable Mention)

Tag Heuer released their luxury smartwatch, the Modular 45 which boasted sapphire crystals, grade 5 titanium and more. This put it at the top end of the smartwatch market which dwarfed viable alternatives such as the Apple Watch. 

Tag Heuer decided to go one better by making the Modular 45 the most expensive smartwatch in the world. How? They adorned it with diamonds and this made the price rocket to almost $200k. 

You can read more on this phenomenal watch in our article "How many diamonds can you fit on a watch?" which you can read here

Vintage Watches

A vintage watch is a hot topic, it's very subjective. You can argue it's the same as the question "When does a car become a classic car?". You can use different perspectives and come up with different results!

In order to give us something to work with, we have chosen as our criteria:

  • A visible patina (visibly worn).
  • 20-30 years old. 

With this in mind, we came up with something.

For him - 1972 Omega Genève 9ct Gold

This Omega goes back to a time in the brand's history where some of the most influential figures in the world were wearing them. For example, Elvis, Kennedy and Haile Selassie II were proud owners. 

This Omega is simply fantastic. It's Omega all over and would adorn any wrist with its class and heritage. 

Note: Because Vintage watches were designed for their time, maintaining one in today's world will be difficult but not enough to not own one.

For her - 1919 Rolex Ladies Pink Gold on Heavy Bracelet

This Rolex from 1919 is a very classy addition to any formal dress wear and would act as a perfect conversation starter. You can see it's history just by looking at it and this is what enables it to scream vintage.

Luxury - Tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen 1133B

The world of Formula 1 was encapsulated in this classic watch and enabled Tag Heuer to push the boundaries of watch design. Formula 1 and its dedicated fan base were longing for a watch to show their appreciation of F1 and TAG Heuer gave them that.

Quartz Watches

A Quartz watch measures time electronically. They have no moving parts and are powered by a battery of which will need replacing.

For him - Maurice Lacroix Eliros 

This fantastic piece can adorn any outfit for a variety of events. The reason why we chose this watch is that it screams curiosity and can easily capture the attention of someone. A watch for first impressions? We think so!

For her - Burberry BU9109

This watch is intrinsically Burberry. It's smart, stylish and can complete a variety of different outfits. Anyone who is lucky enough to have this will be turning a few heads. 

Luxury - Tag Heuer Aquaracer Bracelet Watch

The Carrera is one of Tag Heuer's most well-known models. It carries a big part of the brand's history since its inception during the 1960's. Its sleek design along with its historical meaning has earned its place in our guide.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are some of the first thoughts we have upon daydreaming but they are truly a marvel. Luxury watches are made by some of the most revered brands in the world. This is due to their ability to always push the boundaries of our imagination and also the story behind the brand. These stories usually detail how the brand exists to pursue one goal. We fall in love with them and believe in their values and ultimately, the brand.

For him - Patek Philippe Calatrava

This Patek Philippe is quite bold. It's the type of watch that you wear to events which are very formal and presentation is key. As such, this watch would be able to help you command the attention of many admirers.

For her - IWC Portofino Automatic 37

This Luxury watch for her is quite a showstopper. Its uniformity is profound and its simplicity helps to illustrate how sometimes less is more.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the watches to look for in 2018. There is a watch for everyone and everyone is different. If you think a different watch should be here then let us know! 

Final Words

Over the course of this two-part guide, we have looked across an array of different watch types which we think you should consider. Each watchmaker possesses their own interpretation to watchmaking which appeals to some and not to others. By covering different watchmakers, the goal of this guide is to put you in the right direction towards the watch which is best for you.

If you liked the guide as much as we did then share it with your friends and start a discussion!

If you feel you want to take this one step further then check out the watches we have available and see if you can find something which represents you.

Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2
Watches to Look Out for in 2018 - Part 2